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Not limited to E-commerce & Web/App development


We offer specialized e-commerce app development services, crafting intuitive and feature-rich mobile applications that enhance user experience and drive business growth.

Influencer Management

Manufacturers or traders affix QR codes to their products, which influencers can scan to earn redeemable points, while also managing guarantees, sales leads, marketing campaigns, WhatsApp interactions, and announcements.

Mobile Application

Creating a mobile application demands a profound comprehension of technology and user experience design.

Web Application

Web applications span a spectrum from basic static websites to intricate dynamic applications, incorporating databases, user authentication, and interactive functionalities.

IT Consulting

These advisory services aid clients in evaluating diverse technology strategies, enabling them to align their technological approaches with their business objectives.

Marketing Leads

We offer on-demand sales leads to our clients, helping them find potential customers and boost their sales by providing targeted and qualified leads.

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E-Commerce Operator and IT Service Provider

Maanq is an Indian-based ecommerce operator specializing in food products. Beyond its online marketplace for food items, it offers a range of IT services such as app development, web applications, and website creation. Bridging the gap between technology and culinary delights, Maanq caters to both customers and businesses with its diverse offerings.


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